“Language and culture are inextricably intertwined. Culture is negotiated in large part through language, and language codifies many cultural assumptions and values.”
–Jill Brody, “A Linguistic Anthropological Perspective on Language and Culture in the Second Language Curriculum,”

Dr. Bartow teaches all levels of Spanish, including thematic advanced courses focused on modernity, postmodernity, globalization, gender, and women’s writing, among other topics. She has also taught Latin American Literature in translation. Dr. Bartow teaches a community-based-learning course in Spanish centered on work in the local schools to support Spanish-speaking families.

Information for Students

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Fall 2016

  • ILCS 202: Intermediate Spanish II
  • ILCS 390: Spanish in the Community
  • ILAS 206: Introduction to Latin American Literature in Translation

Spring 2017

  • ILCS 202: Intermediate Spanish II
  • ILCS 206: Introduction to Literature in Spanish
  • ILCS 363: Cultural Perspectives on Gender

Fall 2017

  • ILCS 110.02: Accelerated Elementary Spanish
  • ILCS 260: Composition for Cultural Analysis
  • ILCS 374: Latin America and Globalization